Meganisi or Meganissi is the largest island of the complex of Tilevoides. The island is evergreen and is said to have been inhabited since the Neolithic Era. Ever since antiquity, the Corinthians and then locals have found shelter to Meganisi, due to its welcoming environment and proximity to land. Although the Greek island of Meganisi is a bit off the beaten track, there are still many gems here that people can’t wait to explore. The Papanikolis Sea Cave is one of those places that people flock to see, and it is well worth the trip! One of the reasons for this is its sheer size. Did you know that the cave is large enough for large ferries and ships, even those with tall masts, to sail inside?

This cave has been around for thousands of years, and it has gone by different names. Today, it is referred to as the Papanikolis cave and was named after a famous submarine from World War II. You should visit this cave if you get the chance!

Kalamos is yet another islet of the southeastern shores of Lefkada. It is really serene as a destination, but during summer inhabitants double in numbers and tourists come over for a quiet day at sea. And then there is Kastos, a little further away from Kalamos. If you are looking for absolute tranquility in an idyllic ambiance, then this is certain to captivate your senses. Local fishermen weave their nets and sell the catch of the day by the shore. And everything flows so smoothly, in a relaxed and treasured way…

Skorpios is undoubtedly the most famous island adjacent to Lefkada. Right opposite Nidri on the eastern coastline of the island, this place has been related to glamour and extravaganza. The reason for that is none other than Onassis. The Greek tycoon and pioneer Aristotle Onassis purchased Skorpios from a local family and turned it into a Heaven on Earth. It is the place where Jackie Kennedy Onassis fell in love and found peace.

Small island of Madouri. It is situated opposite Nidri, just like Skorpios. The place bursts with lush greenery. It has been the home of the famous Lefkadian poet, Aristotelis Valaoritis.

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